Webcast Oct 4th: What’s New in the Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2018.1 Update

This demonstration will cover the enhancements in Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2018 Update 1 with a walk through of each of the major changes and how they impact both Vehicle Tracking and users working with the roundabout tools included natively in Civil3D.
Most of the time will be spent covering roundabouts. This release has the improved modeling of roundel crown lines, outer curb, approaching road alignment geometry, moved slip lanes into 3d and includes a major update to the linked Civil3D corridor. The final topics will cover other changes across the product including improved tools allowing users to add notes and record source documents for standards.

Key Points:

  • Effects both users of Civil 3D native roundabout tools AND Vehicle Tracking 
  • Extended roundabout geometry and 3d slip lanes 
  • Major update to Civil3D Roundabout Corridors