Civil 3D Forum Post of the Week: Changing profile and surface elevations when modifying datum

Sometimes you will need to perform an overall change to your Civil 3D surface and when doing so it is important to understand how the surface is built and what objects in Civil 3D are influencing the surface elevations. In this week’s feature post on the Civil 3D Forum, user Julien Habets is enlightened by some helpful members of the Civil 3D Community, especially, Autodesk Expert Elite Jeff Mishler. Julien was under the impression that modifying the points in the drawing would change the surface elevations. It turned out that breaklines were the actual culprits driving the surface elevations and once that came to light, the surface modification became possible. In the process of working this out within the post, quite a few people chimed in providing a great learning opportunity regarding the makeup of Civil 3D surfaces, including the video below about building surfaces from point groups. Check out the post to read all the details.