Civil 3D Idea of the Week: Feature Line Labels – label feature line elevation at any location

I wish I had thought of this. Currently you can only label the start and end elevations of a feature line segment. What if you could label an elevation at any point along a feature line? That’s exactly what Civl 3D user Christopher Stevens has proposed and so far the Idea has racked up 8 votes (and one more makes 9 as of about 30 seconds ago). Now some of you craftier Civil 3D users might say “Hey wait a minute, there is a way to do this.” and you’d be right if you’re thinking that all one has to do is add an elevation point to get that intermediate point. But two things: 1) That’s cheating. 2) There are extra steps involved to create the additional point. 3) That messes up the integrity of the feature line. Yeah, that’s three things, I know, I do that a lot.

What I’d be looking for is a label that you can drop anywhere on a feature line and it would label the elevation at THAT point, and if I slid the label up or down the segment, it would automatically update to reflect the location that it’s pointing to.

What do you think? Like the idea? Visit the Idea post and vote!