InfraWorks Roadmap Check In – October 2017 – Design & Engineering Experience

*tap tap tap* Is this thing still on?

Since my last post, the product development teams have been focused on bringing more efficiency to existing design and documentation workflows in Civil 3D, and exploring new ways of modeling and collaborating with InfraWorks. We’ve released a couple of InfraWorks updates in that time, continuing its transition to more of an engineering design platform. We’ve made progress, but still have plenty left to do.

The current InfraWorks product roadmap, is organized into these 3 themes: Design & Engineering Experience, Modeling & Analysis, and Connected Workflows. Today I’m going to share some details from the first theme: Design & Engineering Experience. In the coming days you’ll see more posts covering the other two themes, so keep checking back!

OK, I’m long overdue for an update, so let’s cut to the chase and get to the details.


The Design & Engineering Experience refers to the way InfraWorks provides views, feedback and an appropriate level of control while working on a design. The past couple of releases included improvements to some dimensions and notifications, particularly for road and bridge modeling workflows. I can point you to many videos that dive into the details, like this one about the April update, and this one about the July update.  But if you only have a couple of minutes, many of those improvements are featured in this video: InfraWorks – What’s New in 90 Seconds. Up next, teams are focused on three things particularly important to the engineering design process:

Dimensions. While it’s fine to stretch an asset, like a road or boundary, in order to lengthen or shorten it, sometimes typing in a specific length or angle just makes more sense. One thing we’re looking into is how to make all sorts of dimensions editable. By that I mean select any dimension and type in the exact value you want.

Notifications. While modeling, it’s important to be able to see things you might need to correct or pay attention to. The notifications that appear at the bottom of the InfraWorks window – ones that give hints about what to do next, for example – a much-needed makeover. Not only will they look better, we think they will be much easier to notice and read.

Terrain Contours. Currently it’s possible to show contours within a selected area, but we think we can improve on that. Another thing we’re taking a look at is making it possible to see terrain contours for an entire model without a big hit to performance. This is an idea with quite a few votes – and I’m guessing there are many more of you that haven’t voted but also love the idea.


Roadmap updates like this one are plans, not promises. We’re as excited as you to see new functionality make it into the products, but the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality remains at our sole discretion. Lastly, these roadmaps should not be used as the basis for purchasing decisions.

If you have questions about this update, feel free to share them below or email me directly, and I’ll set up a time to chat with you. Now that there’s a new home for these updates on the Community, I look forward to posting more frequent updates. Cheers!