InfraWorks Roadmap Check In – October 2017 – Modeling & Analysis

Hopefully you’ve read my first post about our plans for the Design & Engineering Experience parts of InfraWorks.

Next up is Modeling & Analysis. There’s quite a bit that could potentially be in this initiative, but lately our focus has been on workflows for modeling existing conditions with reality capture technologies, modeling roads, bridges and drainage systems, as well as estimating and reporting material and earthwork quantities for them. You can expect to see continued focus on transportation workflows for both Civil 3D and InfraWorks.

Delivering a regionally appropriate product. Delivering more local content is something we know is a must. (You’ve said so here, about need more vegetation styles and here, about road and intersection layout standards. We’re thinking of tackling this in a couple of phases – first, bringing in some content and second, delivering a better system to managing content in InfraWorks so that you don’t have to wade through hundreds or thousands of styles you don’t use in order to find the one you need. Having better control over pavement and lane markings (one of the top vote-getters on Ideas) is also on the product roadmap.

Quantities. Extracting quantities from an InfraWorks model continues to evolve. In the past year, we’ve added road materials and 3D Models to the quantities analyses, including the ability to see quantities for one road, a station range within a road, for multiple roads, or for road segments contained within an area. Teams will continue to refine those workflows, and also focusing on refining the way utility quantities are presented. Starting with drainage systems, teams will show pipe quantities by depth range, which can be modified to suit the project.

Modeling an Engineering-Grade Existing Conditions. And while there is a lot of focus is on workflows for road and bridge design, we think our work on reality capture and point clouds applies to a broad range of project types. Teams continue to work on how to extract model data from point cloud information. We’ll be refining the functionality in InfraWorks, including improving the algorithm so that automatic processes are more reliable and give you the results you expect. We understand that it’s important to leverage other types of data for defining existing conditions. Most customers really like the Model Builder service, but also tell us that they’d like to have more data to choose from, including using their own data. Whether having a way to add to Model Builder content or extending to other types of content (like this suggestion about Bing Maps 3D content), we hear you. (Unrelated, we also made some behind the scenes changes to Model Builder, including some great usability enhancements.)

Preliminary Road Engineering. Improving the road modeling and layout tools to support preliminary engineering is another area we want to focus on. This includes:

  • adding layout tools that make it possible to designing on/off ramps, roads with back-to-back curves, and roads starting with a curve without relying on extra steps or workarounds
  • addressing some of the issues (like the one described here) you’ve had editing profiles (vertical alignments).
  • having more control to modify some of the dimensions of the road cross section, such as the basic dimension, like the depth of a given component.

Tunnel Modeling. Despite the fact we don’t have specific tools for it, quite a few of our customers already model tunnels InfraWorks. Also, there are a couple of suggestions on the forum for tunneling modeling , like this one, which has the most votes. We have a long term vision in place for what this could become, and teams are beginning to work out a plan for how they can evolve the workflow over time.


Roadmap updates like this one are plans, not promises. We’re as excited as you to see new functionality make it into the products, but the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality remains at our sole discretion. Lastly, these roadmaps should not be used as the basis for purchasing decisions.

If you have questions about this update, feel free to email me directly and I’ll set up a time to chat with you. Cheers!