Gallery Project of the Week: Bridge Replacement

This week’s featured Gallery project comes once again from Matt Wunch. According to Matt’s post,  this project was a win for his company AI Engineers and his work features not only InfraWorks but also Revit and 3ds Max. Matt shares that the bridge was created in Revit, the stones in 3ds Max, and InfraWorks was used to aggregate everything within a beautiful model. I recognized the colorful InfraWorks trees right away which goes to show you that there’s tons of good, detailed content right in InfraWorks.

See the full Gallery post here. Also, Matt expands on his work in this blog post; a must-read for anyone doing civil work.

Congratulations, Matt for a very impressive project and thank you for sharing your project with the community by posting it to the Civil Infrastructure Gallery.

If you’ve got a project to share with the Autodesk Civil Engineering Community, visit the Civil Infrastructure Gallery and upload images, videos, 3D models, and more. You’ll get Likes from other community members as well as questions and accolades in the comments. It’s fun and it’s a great way to inspire others. And the project size and complexity doesn’t matter – it’s all good, and it’s all valuable to the community because people are doing projects of all shapes and sizes. Who knows which part of your project will give someone else an idea or inspiration?