InfraWorks Forum Post of the Week: Export feature line from InfraWorks

This week’s featured InfraWorks Forum post comes from user Mirza Pozder.  Mirza asks if it’s possible to export feature lines from InfraWorks which were generated by extracting them from point cloud data. Mirza tried a few approaches, including IMX and using the “Export Point Cloud Extraction” function, but with no success. Thankfully, Autodesk’s own Ramesh Sridharan, Product Manager for Infrastructure Reality Capture, provided the answer.

It turned out that Mirza was on the right track after all with using the “Export Point Cloud Extraction” function but needed to be more cautious that the coordinate systems are set properly on the InfraWorks and Civil 3D sides. Once Mirza took care of that, the feature lines came in beautifully.

Read the full post to get all the details.