Webcast Feb 14th: Immerse Yourself in Your Infrastructure Project! Intro to VR

Ready to literally bring your next infrastructure project story to life? In our upcoming webcast on 2/14, we’ll take you through the steps needed to immerse your project into virtual reality. In our session, we’ll walk through how the power of the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection using ReCap Photo, InfraWorks, 3DS Max, and 3DS Max Interactive (formerly Stingray) can help you:

  • Easily visualize and share a project with stakeholders.
  • Reduce travel and time to project site.
  • Quickly identify design errors.

Virtual Reality also helps you save time and money upfront in the design process by preventing issues that would normally be discovered later in the project lifecycle and are more costly to fix. Give stakeholders an immersive view into the scale and scope of your next project from the onset.

Download the dataset used for this demonstration here. For questions email john.sayre@autodesk.com