Civil 3D Forum Post of the Week: Design Elevation at the Bottom of Profile

This week’s feature Civil 3D Forum Post began with a question by Bradley Kilen (Rank 8, Advocate) who was looking for a way to show design elevations along the bottom of the profile view (as the title suggests). Bradley was given the solution by user Dave Zzzzzz (also Rank 8, Advocate) who provided the following solution:

Right click the profile and go to profile properties. Use the scroll bar and find the headings for profile 1&2.
The first heading is the existing ground. The other heading is also set for the existing. Change the second to the name of the finished grade. And then close the dialog. The elevations in the profile band should change.
Confirm it by comparing elevations to whats shown in profile”

But the post goes on…some videos were provided by Jeewana Meegahage (Rank 10, Advisor) and Bradley still needs some insight to get a precise result.

Whether you want to learn how it’s done or provide some insight to help with the question, visit the post.