Civil 3D Idea of the Week: Add Export/Import function for Description keys

This week’s featured Civil 3D Idea comes from David Blanchard (rank 5, Participant). As the title suggests, David would like to have the capability to import and export description key information within Civil 3D so that description key info can be shared with survey partners. For those not familiar with description keys, they automate the process of turning field collected point data into properly represented and labeled points in the Civil 3D drawing. So, for example, a point coded STMH in the field becomes a storm manhole symbol, on the right layer, with it’s rim elevation labeled with the proper formatting, and also on the right layer.

David points out that you can currently use cut/paste to transfer description key data out of Civil 3D, but the process is not ideal and there’s no way to bring data in.

What do you think? Check out the Idea post to see all the details, vote for the idea if you like it, ask questions, or provide insight.