InfraWorks Forum Post of the Week: How to Delete an InfraWorks Model

This week’s featured InfraWorks Forum post was chosen because it conveys some changes that have taken place over much of the life of InfraWorks. The post was originally submitted by Autodesk alumnus Willy Campbell in November of 2015 where he outlines the procedure for deleting an InfraWorks model. Well much has changed since then, especially now with the integration of BIM 360, as shared by Autodesk’s Ellen Yuan.

Check out the post and get the details. If you’re using an older version of InfraWorks, it will be helpful to know where it falls in the evolution of the product. Also, if you’re using the latest version, it would be helpful if you shared the new procedure for deleting models that have been published to BIM 360.