InfraWorks Idea of the Week: Library of Scripts

This week’s featured InfraWorks Idea was posted a while ago but is worth mentioning because of the number of votes it has received. The request is simple: provide a library where InfraWorks scripts can be stored. Back on March 6th, the request received a response by yours truly when I set up a AKN (Autodesk Knowledge Network) collection here.

In the response I asked people to send their scripts directly to me and I’ll post them to the collection. Here’s an excerpt:

If anyone has scripts that they’ve written or come across, please send them to me at and I’ll add them. I’ll need the following:

  • Name of the Script
  • Short description of what the script does
  • Author of the script
  • The script itself
  • Step by step explanation of how to¬†install and use the script (screen shots are always nice)
  • Image that depicts what the script does
  • Links to supporting information (like discussion board or blog posts about the script)

So despite getting a lot of votes, there haven’t been a ton of script submissions.¬† If you have a good script, please send it over and I’ll post it!

If you love the Idea of having a script library, visit the Idea post and vote it up.