What’s New in InfraWorks: Control Contours by View

In the latest release of InfraWorks, contours are now a function of Views. Watch as I turn contours on in the Engineering view settings. Not only can I turn the contours on and off, I can also change settings that control the appearance of the contours such as the

  • Major and minor interval
  • Line color and thickness
  • And whether or not elevation text is shown

Notice that I can apply a shadow to lines and text to make them more visible, and control the color of the lines and text separately from the shadow colors.

I can also change the number of labels per contour to control how many labels appear in the drawing

Notice that, as I zoom in and out of the model, the density of the contour display changes. With this feature, my display doesn’t become cluttered when I zoom out, and shows just the right amount of detail when I zoom in. This is controlled in part by the Custom Interval Distance setting. Right now, the major and minor intervals that I’ve specified are only displayed when I am within 100 feet of the model so I have to zoom in fairly close to see them. If I change this to say, 1000 feet, the full contour display turns on when I’m further from the model.

And finally, because contour display is a function of the view, I can easily control it by simply changing views.

Why is this capability important? It allows you to better assess existing topography as well as the impact that your design has on the topography.