What’s New in InfraWorks: Shared Views

You’ve seen how to publish, share, and collaborate with BIM 360 but what if you want to just quickly share your design with anyone, without the need for full collaboration or permission control? That’s where Shared Views come in.

With shared views, at any time, while you’re working in an InfraWorks model, you can carve out a portion of the model and publish it to the cloud. A link will be generated which you can share with anyone and they can view it on any device with a common browser and an internet connection.

And not only can they view it, they can navigate the model by zooming, panning, and orbiting – they can use the first person tool to walk the model, cut sections through the model, take measurements, and even browse the model object by object.

If you’ve created Bookmarks in your InfraWorks model they will show up as Views – A great way for you to guide the recipient toward areas of focus for your design.

Users can also create comments  and add markups in the shared view which you can view in InfraWorks by clicking the shared views icon.

And you don’t have to worry about piling up a bunch of shared views over time. They will be removed automatically after 30 days unless you choose to extend them.

Why is the Shared View feature important? It allows you to communicate your designs to anyone, anywhere, at any time.