Creating Custom Civil 3D Label Styles to Annotate Linear Crossings in Profile Views

TagAfter experimenting with the new “Show Profile Crossings” feature in Civil 3D 2019.2 you may be wondering how difficult it might be to develop your own custom label styles.  Fortunately, EVERY Civil 3D label style is created the same way; the crossing labels are no exception.  In today’s installment, we’ll explore a few workflows to produce custom crossing label styles.

Crossing label styles can be found on the Settings Tab within the Profile View group inside the Label Styles folder.  Out of the box, Civil 3D 2019.2 provides a single “Standard” label style for annotating linear profile crossings.  In the recording below, I walk through the basics necessary to create three additional styles. 

Note: the skills learned in this session can be applied to most any Civil 3D label style!  (Points, Alignments, Surfaces, Profiles, Sections, etc.)  With a little creativity, experimentation and practice, you’ll soon be creating custom annotations that meet most any need!



Originally published at Civil Immersion.